Five Ways to Get Back on Track When You Are Feeling Lazy

Figure out the bigger picture

20 yr old woman flipping pages of a book

Whenever you feel like not doing anything, empower yourself to step back and look at the bigger picture so you can get back to your work more effectively. The mundane everyday tasks are for a reason. You have to tell yourself that frequently. You have a goal and you have enough intelligence to achieve it. Frequently reflecting on the person we want to be, the goals we want to achieve, and the life we want to live, can motivate us to act.

Exercise or go for a walk

So, you thought exercise can only keep a check on your weight. Exercise has numerous benefits. In fact, exercise will help you break through that barrier of inertia and will help you feel motivated and more willing to put in effort. Exercise is the simplest way to overcome laziness. Try going for a walk or a jog, you will feel more willing to think about all the pending tasks. When you are too fed up with feeling lazy and lethargic, just go out for a walk and grab some fresh air. Your mind will naturally follow and help you focus on all the things pending.


Focus on one thing at a time

There may be too many things to do. This can clutter your mind and stop you from focusing on what is right. If you feel you have a lot to do, you will probably feel overwhelmed and that is when laziness creeps in. It dominates you and doesn’t let you overcome laziness. If your laziness is stopping you from reaching where you want to, you have to focus on one thing at a time. Write on a piece of paper and do what is most important at that particular time.

Reward yourself

How about a chocolate to reward yourself when you have overcome laziness? Overcoming laziness and accomplishing a task should always come with a reward. You can buy yourself a chocolate or go for a relaxing bath or get a spa or go for a glass of wine. Even if it is a very small reward, go for it. It helps to keep your positivity intact. It is after all a beautiful feeling when you have completed all the things you are supposed to do.

Have a good night’s sleep

Many a times laziness could be because you are tired and lacking energy. When you keep working, you don’t realise that you need sleep. Sleep is very important not only for the physical health, it is important to stay refreshed and motivated through the day. If you have not had your quota of sleep the previous night, say six to seven hours, it is quite possible that your laziness is due to that. You need to give yourself the rest and sleep you need.