Below are some of the little flirty things a guy does if he really likes you. Check them out!
Maybe your man or someone who likes you does it too.

1.He replies to your texts instantly
If a guy really likes you he will try to be prompt with his replies. He obviously doesn’t want to you to wait or think that he isn’t interested in having a conversation with you.

flirty things guy does

2.He asks you a lot of questions
He asks questions like What do you like to eat? Which is your favorite ice cream? Where did you grow up? What is your favorite color? Which is your favorite eating out place? He asks them to know you better. It is important for him to know the answers to questions like these to understand.

3.And he remembers these little things
He actually listens to you and remembers all the small details and answers to the questions.

4.He constantly find excuses to talk to you
He is always looking up for excuses to start a conversation with you! Whether to ask you about what you had for lunch or how was your day at work.

5.Well, he likes all your pictures on social media
He will check out all your social media profiles like facebook and Instagram and like all the pictures you have posted and sometimes leaves cute comments too!

6.And he teases you for little things
He teases you and pulls your leg for fun. He doesn’t want to annoy you or be rude to you and well he knows where to stop that. A guy does little flirty things to tease you playfully.

7.He laughs at all your jokes no matter how bad they are!
To know if a guy really likes you this is the one of the most important sign. He will laugh at all your jokes even if they are PJ’s.

flirty things guy does

8.He initiates conversations
A guy will always try to initiate a conversation is he likes you. He wants to talk to you often and for longer.

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9.He notices and compliments you.
He will notice you and give you compliments for not so obvious things. You are wearing a new hairstyle or new earrings; he notices it and compliments you.

flirty things guy does

10.Uses a lot of emojis while texting you
He wants to flirt with you in a subtle way but doesn’t want to seem cliché so he uses a lot of emojis like winking, heart, smiley while he texts you.

11.He casually touches you not in a creepy and inappropriate way though
Giving you side hug when you meet, or holding your hand while crossing the road or maybe removing a fallen eyelash from your cheek.

flirty things guy does

12.He slips that fact that he is single while talking
If he likes you he will bring this casually whenever he can so that you know and think about it further.

13.He make plans to meet you
Making plans and meeting you is all he wants. If he thinks that you won’t be comfortable meeting him alone he would ask some of the mutual friends to join you two.

flirty things guy does

14.He gets annoyed when someone interrupts you while you both are talking
But the guy does try to hide it from you so that you don’t think bad of him.

15.You have eye contacts while having a conversation.
While talking there are moments of flirtatious eye contact between you two and it makes you blush but obviously not more than him.

flirty things guy does