Let’s differentiate between the two to make things very clear. And I am sure this is going to be helpful to all the women who want to know the answer!

1.A man who will be your future will always try to bring out the best in you while the one who is just a waste of time will bring out the crazy, stalker in you.Future Husband

2.The man of your dreams will always make you his priority while the man who is just passing his time will keep you as a backup plan.

3.The man who wants to be with you will do little things for you. The one, who doesn’t love you, won’t!

Future Husband

4.Your future husband consistently reaches out to you. A douchebag goes radio silent for days.

5.The perfect man for you will make you feel secured. Waste of time will just make you want to check his phone.

Future Husband

6.The man will take your success as his and a douchebag always tries to put you down.

7.Your man will make you feel like he is completely into you while a douchebag will keep you wondering.

8.Man of your dreams will just text to check into you while a man who is just a waste of time will text only when he needs something.

Future Husband

9.Your future man wants to show you off to his friends and family. A douchebag hides you from them.

Future Husband

10.Your future guy prioritizes your happiness. A man who’s just waste of time prioritizes his own happiness.

11.Your future man values commitment and partnership. A guy who is not into you is just trying to hang out.

12.Your man enjoys conversation with you. A douchebag just wants you to be quiet.

Future Husband

13.Your future guy makes plans with you in advance. A douchebag always pops up out of nowhere the same day

14.Your future man is great in real life. A douchebag looks good only on paper if that.

15.Your future love makes you feel chased. A guy who’s wasting your time is someone you’re always struggling to pin down.

16.Your future man thinks you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. A douche bag’s eyes keep wandering.

Future Husband