You can make money in Ghana by shopping at online stores like Amazon and shipping them to Ghana.
The idea here is to look for computer accessories that are not heavy to ship using DHL and buy them in bulk from Amazon for forward shipping to Ghana.

You can focus on accessories like flash drives, memory cards, laptops and so on and after doing a research on their local price in Ghana, you then decide on your shipping and purchase cost from the USA.

4 to 8gb flash drives cost about $2 to $5 at and if you can buy like 100 pieces and ship to Ghana for reselling, you can make quite a lot of profit.

Shipping costs to Ghana
To ship an item to Ghana from the USA, 1kg would cost about $65 so you should consider that and know how many pieces to ship to cover your costs.

How do you do it?
As you know, most Amazon sellers don’t offer direct shipping to Ghana and besides, they prefer to ship only to US addresses so the best thing you need to do is get a US address

– First get a US forwarding address with your Ghana Visa or Mastercard
– Sign up for a free Amazon account and use your US forwarding address as shipping address
– Shop for products on Amazon and pay for it.
– Reduce your cost by buying only items with free shipping
– Get notified when your US address receives shipment
– Decide to ship your items to Ghana
– Get items within 1 week
– Resell to buyers in Ghana

Click here to get a US shipping address