Have you ever wondered why you woke up at the other end of the bed when you slept at another side? There are many of us who are violent sleepers. No, we don’t mean that you go out on the march of killing people but your bed undergoes a lot of trouble when you decide to toss and turn. Often, we take this habit for granted.

However, there is a scientific explanation behind the same and it also has some effect on our health. Wanna know?

Let’s explore the secret!

Why do we toss and turn?Why do we toss and turn?

During our sleep, even the deep ones, we tend to wake up in the middle of the night. However, the time taken for the action is so brief that we often fall back to sleep without remembering the movements consciously.

What does science say?What does science say?

While we are asleep, our body sends out EEG signals that momentarily wake us up and fuels the activities of the movements. It is soon before we are back to sleep. It lasts for few seconds and thus we do not remember it. However, if the arousal is for more than a few seconds then that is another story.

When we toss & turn too much?When we toss & turn too much?

These are the normal behavior of the body during sleep. However, when the frequency increases, then that is not a good news. When our arousals last longer than a few seconds, we tend to remember them. That certainly breaks our peaceful sleep cycle.

What are the effects?What are the effects?

There are actually five conditions that are associated with this restless tossing and turning that causes discomfort in our sleep.


It can increase crankiness in people while causing swollen gums. Due to this disorder, people can often bite on the nearby objects on the bed.

Sleep apneaSleep apnea

This is a serious disorder where people stop breathing and then restart for multiple times during night.

Reaction to stressReaction to stress

With increasing stress, our sleeping gets affected that increases the frequency of tossing and turning in the bed. It can also lead to nervousness, anxiety, and a gloomy feeling.

Periodic limb movement disorderPeriodic limb movement disorder

It causes our legs to move rapidly even if we are in deep sleep. That, no wonder, wakes us up and hampers our way of being refreshed.

Night terrorsNight terrors

It causes us to get up suddenly from a deep sleep in a state of terror and confusion.

How can we reduce it?How can we reduce it?

We all desire to have a peaceful sleep without finding our blanket in a twisted mess. what is the way out? Here are few things you can follow to reduce the frequency of tosses and turns while sleeping at night.

Physical activityPhysical activity

Include yoga or light exercises in your daily routine. It will relax your body and help in sleeping better.

Warm milkWarm milk

Drinking warm milk before sleeping will help in relaxation and good sleep.

Warm bathWarm bath

It is a fine way of relaxing body. Taking a warm bath right before bed can help in getting a peaceful night.

Put that mobile downPut that mobile down

Stop using the mobile after lying down in bed and also keep away from your laptop. Firstly, it will interfere with the sleep time and trick you to stay awake longer. Moreover, it will disturb the sleep pattern.

Have a happy sleep!