Watching videos on the smartphones now comes second to listening to music as a source of entertainment while on the move. There are many services to choose from when it comes to music streaming, but YouTube and Facebook are two of the top stakeholders when it comes to video streaming on smartphones.

As this streaming are done on the move, they require a cellular data connection and they don’t come cheap. To address the issue, YouTube has already rolled out the feature of offline playback where the user can download on Wi-Fi to view it offline. This feature is very helpful as it helps to cut down on data usage and thus turns out to be cheap.

Facebook, however, has not rolled out this feature for the users. The videos are just saved as bookmarks and require active data connection when played at a later stage. So to save on the cost of entertainment, today we will see a trick using which you can download Facebook Videos on your Android and watch when while you are offline.

Using MyVideoDownloader App

We would be using an app called MyVideoDownloader for Facebook available from the Play Store for the trick. While there are many apps available for the task, this one comes with the least amount of ads which also keeps frustration at bay.


When you install and launch the app for the first time, you will be asked to log in using your Facebook account. Having done that, the app will show you your wall feed and the sidebar will help you navigate to specific sections. From here you can navigate to specific pages and groups to browse videos.

facebook video downloader 07facebook video downloader 02

Now all you need to do is tap on the video you wish to download and you will get the option to download it to your device. Just as you tap on the option, the Android downloader will catch the file and ask you to save it on your SD card.

facebook video downloader 04facebook video downloader 05

Under the Settings column, you will get the option to download videos in HD (High Definition). This will download the best quality available for each video. Under My Videos section, you can easily find the videos you have liked and saved in the past. The download locations and other nifty stuff can be configured in the app settings.

facebook video downloader 00

facebook video downloader 06

That’s about it. You can now watch these downloaded videos on any video player you have installed on your device. If you are not using MX Player to watch videos on your Android, I would recommend you try it once.

facebook video downloader 01