We often prefer more variation in our life to overcome monotonous behaviors. In this way, we are searching for more themes, colors, gadgets, wallpapers, skins for our most-used OS, apps, and multimedia devices. Here, we are going to show you how you can easily change the skin to your loving and most used media apps VLC and where you can get them. This article may help you out by adding some more colors and stylish look to your taste.

How to Change VLC Skin


Step 1:Get a Custom VLC Skin from Internet

You can get a handful websites where you can download custom skins. There are lots of people out there who are using VLC skins. and you can follow the below suggestions for downloading more VLC skins. However, you can get the official VLC skins easily from here as it has been instructed here. VLC skins are not available for Mac OS.

Step 2:Download a Skin to Your PC

Now you can download your preferred custom VLC skin from the above website and save it to your Computer in your preference. To get a complete clean and better assurance of save VLC skin files, please download it from the above official VLC website.

You can get the file to your saved location in your computer, and it will be in (.vlt) file extension. Now the below procedures will lead you to change the skin to your VLC player.

Step 3:Getting Menu Bar of VLC Player

Open the VLC Player and in the upper part of the window, you can find the menu bar for VLC Player. This menu bar will help you out to change the skins by below steps.

change vlc skin

Step 4:Go to “Preferences” from “Tools” Menu Bar

From the menu bar of VLC Player, select the “Tools” menu, and you can get some toggle menu for selecting. Here, you have to go to the bottom menu “Preferences” and it will lead you to have skin menu. This menu is the settings menu for VLC Player.

Now click to the “Preferences” menu to get the windows like below one. The “Interface Settings” is responsible for choosing a custom or default skin.

Find the “Look and Feel” option from the “Interface Settings” and then you can get the skin preferences option. To change a custom skin, you need to check “Use Custom Skin”.

  • Use native style – It will allow you to keep the default skin for VLC Player.
  • Use Custom Skin – It will allow you to select a custom or downloaded skin for your VLC Player.
  • change vlc skin

Step 5:Open the Downloaded Skin from VLC Player

You can now simply add the skin that you have downloaded earlier and saved on your computer. Click on the “Browse” box and it will pop up the computer window to get the file you want to add. Locate the file in your computer and select the file of (.vlt) file extension. Now Click on the “Open” box on the bottom of the window to add the file to choose for the skin

change vlc skin

After adding the file to your custom skin source file, you can save the skin file for getting the skin file changed for VLC Player. This is the final step for changing the skin for your VLC Player.

Step 6:Restart VLC Player/ Play a Video with VLC Player

When next time you will open the VLC Player or play a media file through VLC Player, you can have the Skin for the VLC Player. So, enjoy the custom VLC skins on your Computer. Some links are given below to get more VLC Skins. Follow the above instructions and play favourite media files on your preferred VLC skin.

change vlc skin

Download More VLC Skins

There are some websites where you can download your preferable VLC Skins. You can easily check for the VLC website to download various skins for your VLC in Windows and Linux PC. Some links are given below to download more VLC Skins.

1. http://www.videolan.org/vlc/skins.php

2. http://www.thewindowsclub.com/best-vlc-skins-windows-free-download