1. Frozen Dinners[su_custom_gallery source=”media: 1863″ width=”500″ height=”470″ title=”never”]

Always check the quantity of sodium before processed food. More salt is added in canned soups and frozen dinners for flavor as well as increasing its shelf life. Water is retained in the body due to more quantity of salt and makes you bloated. We know that frozen food is lined up with potentially dangerous and noxious chemicals that help the food last longer. The shocking aspect is that the FDA or the Food and Drug Administration has not tested most of the additives and manufacturers don’t have to take any permissions to use them.

  1. Beerbeer

Beer contains too many bubbles and can make you bloated. According to the research study, beer includes alcohol which makes the growth of bacteria fast in your small intestine. Bacterial over growth can make you feel inflated.  Gulping down kegs of beer is only going to give you a beer belly – remember beer bellies are stubborn and really difficult to get rid of!

  1. Legumesbeans, rice,

Breaking down of legumes is very difficult. They contain fiber and sugar that generates gas in our gut. Later this gas becomes the reason of bloating. However you can also combine legumes with digestible whole grains, like rice or quinoa. You body will eventually get used to them. “ if you eat fruits, veggies, nuts, whole grains, and beans often, they won’t bother you as much as if you eat them sporadically” Sass said.

  1. Diet soda

Diet soda is full of bubbles plus it is manufactured with artificial sweeteners which are indigestible. According to research, artificial sweeteners disturb micro biota that can make your belly big. Bloating is a key problem associated with diet soda.

  1. Dairy

If you are sensitive to dairy then you might feel bloated by eating the products which are made with milk. Gas is released with the breakdown of milk and gives you an uncomfortable feeling. So before all that gas gets to you, steer clear of dairy products and opt for the many lactose-free or nondairy alternatives out there.

  1. Salty foodssalty food

Eating high-sodium foods can trigger water retention which can balloon you up, Sass says. Avoiding sodium isn’t that simple as steering clear of the saltshaker. Sodium sneaks its way into most processed and packaged foods, including soups, breads, sauces, cottage cheese, cereal, pancakes and so many others.

Healthy foods to eat for avoiding bloating

The following foods will help you the effect of bloating

  1. Bananabanana

Bananas are high in potassium that can reverse the harmful effect of sodium, with the help of bananas, you can regulate sodium levels of your body.

  1. Watermelonwatermelon

Water retention is another cause of bloating as we have discussed earlier. For avoiding it, try to eat water-filled foods for flushing out extra water. Watermelon is the best example that will not only flush out surplus water but is also rich in potassium.

  1. Gingerginger

There are several belly advantages of ginger. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property. Ginger can fight against many problems such as bloating, aging, improper digestion, etc. consume ginger made tea for avoiding bloated feeling.

  1. Papayapapaya

An enzyme names as papain is present in papaya that can prevent tummy problems . proteins can be broken down by papain in GI tract and makes digestion easier

  1. Cucumber

Cucumber is considered as a best friend of the belly with respect to bloating. This vegetable contains quercetin that has anti-inflammatory property can decrease swelling.