Android OS Using Too Much Battery? There is a Fix


Have you noticed a sharp drop in the battery life of your Android device, with Android System or Android OS using 30% 40% or more of the battery?

The Battery Usage tab (Settings > Battery > Battery Usage) is a handy feature on Android, allowing you to see which apps are causing the most drain. If the battery usage displayed matches up with what you have been doing, then you’ll need to look into other power saving methods. However, if Android System or Android OS is using up a large amount of the battery, there is a fix for you.


Step 1 – Check

Make sure that you use your phone regularly for a little bit before you check the battery usage stats. The reason for this is that if you investigate the issue with background apps closed after a reboot, the only battery usage displayed will come from System and OS. You need to use some other apps for a while to get a better impression of how all the elements compare.

Step 2 – Understand

If the Android System or Android OS is still dominating the list then you should proceed with this fix. Generally what’s happening here is that something is stopping the phone from going into rest mode or resting background apps. This means that the system is using a tonne of power just to keep everything running. However, because it is not in the foreground, the problem app will not appear in the battery usage information.

This Android battery drain issue is almost always caused by a faulty install of something new. There have been many culprits over the years, and all by big companies, so it might just be an oversight rather than a dodgy app. Some of the most well known issues have come from Google Drive, Oculus, and Samsung backup services.battery-usage-2

Step 3 – Cross Reference and Eliminate

The next thing to do is check which apps are running in the background before heading over to the Play Store to see whether any have recently updated. This should help you narrow down your search. Once you have shortlisted or identified a single app, try uninstalling it. You can back-up the app data if needs be, then try an hour or so without that app on your phone and you should see your battery usage return to normal

Step 4 – Rejoice

Chances are you wanted to use the app you just uninstalled, that’s why it was on your phone in the first place. However, you’ll just have to be patient and wait for an update. Once the company has acknowledged the problem and issued a patch, you should be good to reinstall the app and get on with all your joyful smartphone bliss.

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