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How to Turn off NFC: Remove the N Symbol from your Phone

Turn off NFC to remove the N symbol from Android

The top bar on your Android phone doesn’t only tell you the time, signal strength and how much battery life remains. The notification bar can also tell you when email arrives, downloads are happening, and when Bluetooth is switched on. One symbol you might not instantly recognise is an N symbol, …

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How to protect your PC from CCleaner hack

Image from Piriform

CCleaner was hacked at the end of 2017 which put almost 2.27 million PC users at risk of malware infection. This issue was fixed rapidly when it was discovered, and an automatic update was released to fix the vulnerability. The malware, which was present in the software for about a …

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How To Add A Graphics Card To Your Laptop

Here’s the answer you probably don’t want to hear. In most cases, it isn’t possible to upgrade a laptop’s graphics card. If you want better gaming performance, the only sensible option is to buy a new laptop. The vast majority of laptops have integrated graphics, which means the GPU (graphics …

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How to Watch Snooker World Championship 2019: Every Match Live

how to watch world snooker championship 2019

The World Snooker Championship for 2019 is here and you can watch the tournament in various ways on different devices, all for free. We’ve got all the details you need including dates and TV channels. Last year Mark Williams pulled off a major shock by defeating John Higgins 18-16 in …

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How to get Photoshop: Adobe CC, Free Trial, Student Discounts & More

how to get photoshop

Adobe Creative Cloud’s launch 2013 marked the company’s shift towards becoming a cloud-based software-as-service provider, which means you can no longer install standalone versions of the program like Photoshop CS5 or CS6. There are a few ways you can get Photoshop running on your machine, however –  including a free …

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How to Watch The Twilight Zone in the UK

twilight zone log

The director of Get Out and the iconic sci-fi horror series The Twilight Zone seem like a match made in Heaven (or maybe Hell…), which makes it all the stranger that so far no UK channel or streaming service has picked up the 2019 Twilight Zone reboot.  The good news …

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How to install a wireless networking card

DSC01332 2

Wireless networking is a must in the 21st century, but yet not all computers come pre-installed with a wireless networking card. We’re going to show you how to install a wireless networking card on your PC – it’s a straight forward process and shouldn’t take any more than 10-15 minutes. …

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How to Watch DC Universe from Outside the US

dc universe

DC Universe is the comics giant’s answer to Netflix: a streaming service dedicated entirely to the DC comic book characters, including TV shows, movies, and digital comics books – including new and exclusive content. The service launched in the US in September 2018, but unfortunately for the rest of the …

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How to Watch Now TV on Windows

now tv logo

Now TV is a serious rival to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, but it has one annoying disadvantage if you usually watch on your desktop or laptop: you have to download a dedicated app, rather than stream videos from your web browser. That makes it a bit more fiddly …

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