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LIVE: Watch next@Acer 2019 Live Stream: New Laptops, Chromebooks & More

Acer is holding its annual conference today in New York where we expect a whole wave of new products including laptops. You can tune into a live stream above to watch all the news as it happens from 4pm UK time.

You can watch live on 11 April at 11am local time so that’s 4pm GMT if you’re watching from the UK.

You can also follow updates from the Tech Advisor Twitter account.

What new products will Acer announce?

Unlike big phone launches, there aren’t leaks on the internet to see what Acer will be unveiling exactly.

However, Acer has teased a few bits and the event has the tag line ‘A new chaper awaits’ with the firm saying “Join us as we make our biggest announcement in years”.

The Acer UK Twitter account has shared the following images hinting that the event will have a focus on gaming devices. Acer said “Gaming is about to enter 7th heaven”.

Meanwhile Acer’s Sri Lanka account has been more specific saying “Calling all gamers to bear witness as Predator enters a new gaming dimension at #NextAtAcer Global Press Conference” with an image of the number 700 and what looks like a thin laptop.

We think this could be an update to the Triton 700 or it could be a reference to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 perhaps, although that chip is over a year old now. Or something completely different.

There’s also this image of the number 715 with Acer saying “We’re counting down to 715”. You can see ‘Chrome’ on the lid of a laptop type device so we assume this is a new Chromebook.

A range of different laptops is pretty much guaranteed then, but remember that Acer makes all kinds of devices. The paint strokes in Acer’s invite suggest devices on the creative side of things but we could well see gaming PCs, tablets, wearables and smartphones.

One previous year there was even a bike computer, so anything is possible.

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