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How to use a VPN on Android

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are a useful way to protect yourself from digital snoopers, as well as accessing forms of entertainment which are unavailable in your country. Now we conduct the majority of our online lives on out phones and tablets, it’s good to know that there are a number of …

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How to Watch American Netflix in the UK

netflix ipad

Netflix is one of the most popular TV and movie streaming services around, but users in the US tend to get more content than us in the UK, sometimes getting the latest shows or films earlier than other territories. That might not seem fair, but there is a workaround. The best way …

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How to Access Blocked Websites: 5 Ways to Beat Web Filters

beat a web filter vpn

It’s incredibly frustrating when you’re trying to browse the web only to find yourself blocked by a filter, whether it’s run by your office, school, ISP or even a government. Of course, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to set up – and abide by – filters for internet access, …

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