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How to Speed up NordVPN: Tips & Tricks

how to speed up nordvpn main

VPN services do vary in the speeds they offer, but any VPN connection will be a bit slower than using your broadband or mobile data connection without a VPN. However, if you’re experiencing really slow speeds with NordVPN, such as video constantly buffering or websites taking forever to load, there’s …

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How to Remove an Android Virus

remove android virus 1600

Aside from sluggish performance, one of the most commonly cited symptoms of an Android virus is that the web browser is redirecting to a porn site or you are experiencing dodgy pop-ups. In such instances the best thing to do is clear your browser cache, either within the browser’s own …

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How to Fix NordVPN Connection Problems

how to fix nordvpn connection issues

In general, you won’t experience any problems using the NordVPN Windows app. But if you are having issues connecting to servers it could be your account, the settings within the app, a problem with the server in question or something awry with the network settings on your laptop or PC. …

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How To Set Up A Router With NordVPN


Setting up NordVPN on a router is reasonably simple and it’s one of the best ways to protect your entire home network, as you won’t need a VPN on every individual phone, laptop or tablet because they will all connect through your router to gain access to the wider internet. …

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How to change password on Instagram

how to change instagram password main

With all the reported hacking and general security breaches that occur online, it’s a good idea to change your passwords regularly. Instagram is a prime target, with its access to many of your friends around the world, so here’s how to update your security details. It’ll take you less than …

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How to Install a VPN on a Fire TV Stick

how to install vpn on fire stick main

It used to be hard to run a VPN service on the Amazon Fire TV Stick but these days it’s really easy. Many of the popular VPNs now have apps available in the Appstore so the trickiest part is entering your username and password.  In any case, we’ll explain step-by-step how to …

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How to Back up Windows 10: File, System & Cloud Backups

Data is a precious commodity, and one that’s vulnerable to hardware crashes, malware attacks and even flood, fire and theft. Therefore, a regular backup routine is an essential way to protect against losing those irreplaceable photos, documents and other digital files. Windows 10 offers plenty of options to achieve this, …

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