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How to get Photoshop: Adobe CC, Free Trial, Student Discounts & More

how to get photoshop

Adobe Creative Cloud’s launch 2013 marked the company’s shift towards becoming a cloud-based software-as-service provider, which means you can no longer install standalone versions of the program like Photoshop CS5 or CS6. There are a few ways you can get Photoshop running on your machine, however –  including a free …

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How to Watch Now TV on Windows

now tv logo

Now TV is a serious rival to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, but it has one annoying disadvantage if you usually watch on your desktop or laptop: you have to download a dedicated app, rather than stream videos from your web browser. That makes it a bit more fiddly …

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How to Watch American Netflix in the UK

netflix ipad

Netflix is one of the most popular TV and movie streaming services around, but users in the US tend to get more content than us in the UK, sometimes getting the latest shows or films earlier than other territories. That might not seem fair, but there is a workaround. The best way …

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How To Get Microsoft Word For Free: Downloads, Trials & For Students

how to get microsoft word for free

It’s a common misconception that Windows comes complete with Microsoft Office for every user. However, there are ways of getting Office on Windows 10 for free, including Word, plus on iOS and Android. If you’ve got a new PC, laptop or tablet and want Microsoft Office, there are ways of getting it for …

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How to Watch ITV Hub From Abroad

itv hub

ITV Hub is what the UK TV channel calls its online catch-up service, accessible either through the ITV website or via one of the official apps. It’s the ideal way to catch-up on your favourite ITV shows like Love Island or The X Factor, but there is one big downside: …

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How to Download YouTube Video to PC, Laptop, Phone or Tablet

How to download YouTube video

Back in September 2013, YouTube announced it would be adding offline viewing to its mobile apps. However, that didn’t happen. Only recently did it launch YouTube Go, an official app for downloading videos in countries where mobile data is too expensive for streaming them. There’s also a premium service (the …

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How to Make Automated Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

If you’re putting together a long document in Word it’s generally a good idea to include a table of contents. Not only does this allow readers to find the information they need quickly and easily, but it also lends a level of professionalism. Thankfully Microsoft has built tools into its …

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Best Facebook Messenger Tips & Tricks

smartphone messenger 01

Chess is another in-app game in Messenger, though it takes more effort to set up. Type @fbchess play in-chat and a board should appear, prompting your friend (or foe) to go first. You can select pieces using K for the king, Q for the queen, N for the knight, R for …

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How to switch between Instagram accounts

how to switch between instagram accounts main

Users of Instagram can have up to five active accounts, which means you can keep personal photos separate from your business or hobbies. Of course, to be able to use these effectively you’ll need to switch between them.  We show you how to do this, as well as the steps …

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How to stream from VLC to Chromecast

how to stream vlc to chromecast

If you have a large library of video on your laptop or PC, you might want to watch it on your TV. And now there’s a reasonably easy and cheap – if not free – way to do it. For those that don’t have a Chromecast you’ll either need to …

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