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How to protect your PC from CCleaner hack

Image from Piriform

CCleaner was hacked at the end of 2017 which put almost 2.27 million PC users at risk of malware infection. This issue was fixed rapidly when it was discovered, and an automatic update was released to fix the vulnerability. The malware, which was present in the software for about a …

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How to Watch Now TV on Windows

now tv logo

Now TV is a serious rival to the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, but it has one annoying disadvantage if you usually watch on your desktop or laptop: you have to download a dedicated app, rather than stream videos from your web browser. That makes it a bit more fiddly …

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How To Get Microsoft Word For Free: Downloads, Trials & For Students

how to get microsoft word for free

It’s a common misconception that Windows comes complete with Microsoft Office for every user. However, there are ways of getting Office on Windows 10 for free, including Word, plus on iOS and Android. If you’ve got a new PC, laptop or tablet and want Microsoft Office, there are ways of getting it for …

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How to rotate a video

how to rotate a video main

Thanks to the advances in smartphone and camera technology in recent years, we’re all recording more video than ever before. Capturing those precious memories for posterity is all well and good, but if you find that when you import them to your PC that they’re sideways or upside down, here’s how you …

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How to Make Automated Table of Contents in Microsoft Word

If you’re putting together a long document in Word it’s generally a good idea to include a table of contents. Not only does this allow readers to find the information they need quickly and easily, but it also lends a level of professionalism. Thankfully Microsoft has built tools into its …

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How To Colour-Code Folders In Windows 10

colour code files windows 10

Getting organised in Windows 10 is more simple than you might think as you can colour-code your files and folders to be more eye-catching, making it that much easier to find what you’re looking for. This option doesn’t come built into Windows 10, however, so you’ll have to make use …

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How to burn a CD

how to burn a cd

Though they’re quickly falling out of fashion, there’s still plenty of need for physical copies of music albums that you want to enjoy on your hi-fi or in your car. Here’s how to take MP3s or other digital files and burn them to a CD. What do I need to make …

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How To Delete A User Profile In Windows 10


User Profiles in Windows 10 allow several different users on the same machine to customise their Windows experience to their liking. We’re going to show you how to remove these profiles, and thankfully Windows 10 has made this nice and simple. A user profile stores personal preferences, application settings, documents …

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How To Zip A File In Windows 10


Zipping files and folders is a very useful tool to have in your belt as it allows you to compress and shrink files and folders making them far easier to upload to the cloud, or move onto a hard drive. Zipping files makes them much smaller and easier to manage, …

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