Who doesn’t like or want privacy? In everyday life. We search and do many things on the internet. And want to keep all those things private and secure. It’s almost impossible to remove yourself from the global grid completely.

One of the best place to start is with your browser. it’s your main portal to the web, so using a more secure option will make a big difference to your privacy.

Tor Browser

Tor is a best free privacy software more than the browser. It’s completely designed for dedicated browser for your privacy. Every time you close and reopen the browser, it will give you new identity to browse. You can use this browser with chrome browser but it will not give you same browsing speed. Thanks to the route that creates Tor Browser through several servers, it is impossible to locate the original traffic IP Address. This is how they get completely anonymous browsing.tor browser

Tor is available for Windows, Mac and Linux Here

Epic Browser

Epic Browser is a browser that integrates the complete privacy that a browser needs. It does not save your history, it does not allow third parties to store cookies in the browser, it blocks crawlers and it allow you to connect through a proxy  with just a single click. Also, it comes with built-in ad Block Ads and tracker option. So according to me. Epic Browser is the best choice if you like good interface Anonymous browser with these advance features.Epic Browser

Epic Browser is available for windows and Mac Here

Comodo Dragon Browser

Like Epic Browser, Comodo Dragon is a browser that includes several anonymous browsing functions. It blocks cookies and crawlers, has a preinstalled antivirus, it comes with built-in domain validation technology that’ll instantly segregate strong and weak SSL certificate.Comodo Dragon Browser

Comodo Dragon is available for windows, Mac and Linux Here 

SRWare Iron

If you’re a Google Chrome user, SRWare Iron will be familiar; it’s based on the open-source Chromium project, so its lot of the on-screen visuals look very similar but it eliminates some of Google’s practice that aren’t respectful of privacy.SRWare Iron

Among other things, it eliminates the popular keyword suggestions in the address bar because, for them to exist. The main difference between Chrome and SRWare is data protection.

SRWare Iron is available for windows, Mac and Linux Here
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